Our Electric Wheelbarrow

The electric wheelbarrow was the key to accomplishing a big job that required shifting a large amount of soil up three levels.   The task had to be done by hand as the area was too narrow and tight for any other method.  It was one of those jobs that we looked at one another and thought we need an army of muscles to get through this job!

It was then mentioned to us that maybe an electric wheelbarrow would do the job.  So we bought one from Yardlab for just over $1,000.  The soil was all shifted by Barb!  The wheelbarrow is now used all the time.

2013-11-21 13.23.58

Equipment that makes our job SO much easier!

The wheelbarrow will last us for up to three days before it needs recharging, that’s largely due to  when going downhill, it recharges itself.

If you own a property that is sited on a slope, you would find the electric wheelbarrow particularly useful – it takes away all that hard work of pushing uphill.

Carting concrete uphill.

Carting concrete uphill.

We love tools or equipment that enable a job to be done quicker and more efficiently!